Online Learning

Hope Institute of Learning offers a wide range of flexible, interactive national certificates and online short courses to assist you in adding relevant skills and knowledge to your CV in the areas of information technology and media.

Study from any location!

Our online offerings are specifically suitable to working people and those who cannot commit to attending lectures or workshops on a campus. Our virtual learning environment (VLE) allows you to access your course from any geographic location using your computer, tablet or even your smartphone. Access is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and the course is led by a subject matter expert in the field, who will engage, support and guide students throughout the course.

Structured weekly class schedule

Course objectives are structured into manageable, weekly timetables so that you can easily plan to complete the required coursework at times during the week when it suits you. Although you study in your own time, you are expected to meet weekly minimum requirements, such as participating in online discussions, submitting assignments and working through the course content for a particular week.

Certification of completion

Hope Institute of Learning online courses follow an integrated and practical assessment approach. Assessment consists of the evaluation of participation, online tests and written assignments — all contributing to a final mark. Upon successful completion, candidates will receive a Short Course Certificate of Completion.

Contact Learning


Hope Institute of Learning has one campus in Johannesburg.

Full-time and part-time classes

As a contact-learning student, you will attend timetabled classroom sessions on campus. Full-time study requires attendance at classes on campus during office hours. Part-time students usually attend classes after hours or on weekends.

Lecturer Engagement

On our campus, you will experience dynamic and engaged lecturers, equipped to address the individual needs of all our students. Our lecturers are trained to assist students to learn from one another and to share their professional experience. Our students are encouraged to engage with each other, and with the academic staff, to ask questions and give input. Students have online access and general academic support throughout the year is available, both in person (the lecturer or tutor) and online.

Counselling Services

We also offer professional counselling services to student who experience problems. Help is available for methods of study, career decisions and planning, and personal problems such as stress management or trauma. All students are invited to make use of this.

Library and WiFi

Academic writing must be supported by reliable sources, and Hope Institute of Learning provides students with the resources they need for additional reading and research assignments. Students have access to online journal databases and an eBook library. Students and lecturers create their own virtual bookshelf containing books which can then be read offline.

The campus is WiFi enabled, and facilities for studying and group work are available.

Beyond higher certificate programs

We provides more than just higher and FET certificates.

We are committed to providing access to education for anyone who wants to learn fundamentals and upgrade their skills.

Stay updated for upcoming courses

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